Day 10

Friday means it is time for another assessment and some practicing of new skills.

I’ll take this opportunity to present my blogroll.  The links below are blogs that I are in my reader and I would suggest you check them out as well.  Most have been very influential in my teaching style; others I just think are cool.

Action Reaction  by Frank Noschese (modeling, SBG, Khan academy criticism, and oh so much more)  Tweets: @fnoschese

Physics! Blog!  by Kelly O’shea (modeling, SBG, Scribd links to all hers stuff and  great white-boarding ideas) Tweets @kellyoshea

Think Thank Thunk  by Shawn Cornally (SBG to the max, Inquiry, and educational model change advocate) Tweets @thinkthankthunk

Quantum Progress  by John Burke  (Growth mindset, modeling, SBG w/capstones) Tweets @occam90

dy/dan  by Dan Meyer (Anyqs, WCYDWT, Be less helpful) Tweets @ddmeyer

Dotphsyics Blog  by Rhett Allain (physics style analysis of pop culture topics)         Tweets @rjallain

Veritasium  by Derek Muller  (video blogs with “an element of truth”)                    Tweets: @veritasium

Vi Hart Blog  by Vi Hart (video blog of Vi “doddling” in math class) Tweets: ??

If you take the time to go through any of these blogs you will find that I am echoing a lot of what they say; i don’t deny it and i try to give credit where it is due.  I have also included their Twitter handles; if you are not on Twitter sign up now.  If you like the ideas that these bloggers share Twitter allows you to hear their great ideas everyday.  It is the single most useful form of professional development I have encountered today.  You know that the internet has a myriad of great teaching resources, but you can’t find them all alone.  Find some folks on Twitter who are passionate about the same things you are passionate about and see what they have to say.  (A word of advice, if they are tweeting about when/where they went to the gym…probably not worth following)

There are so many great teaching blogs out there on the inter-webs; this lists doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  Use these as a launch pad to fill your reader; each of these blogs has there own list of blogs they enjoy and you can too!


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