The Mistake Game

We begin our week with a few simple problems to review the various reprsentations we have worked with so far.  Students are given a position/time, velocity/time, motion map, or verbal description and asked produce the other three.  The exercises are simple and only one board has a mistake; a minor one at that.  I ask if there was any way that this exercise could be more a more productive use of our time?  The students feel like when all the answers are correct there isn’t much to discuss.  I take this opportunity to introduce the mistake game. 

This game has only two rules:

*Make at least one intentional. mistake
*Make as many unintentional mistakes as you wish

This game comes hot from the presses of Physics! Blog! by Kelly O’Shea

Students intentional mistakes are then critiqued by the other groups. We play the mistake game often and many of the kids enjoy trying to sneak their mistakes by the other groups.  Students are forced to analyze their board in a whole new way when the are trying to make mistakes.  Of course, all of those wrong answers make for great discussion fodder as well.



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